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Water Treatment

Water treatment is a broad ranging topic covering activities such as BSRIA chemical cleaning, chemical descaling and disinfection works. There are many reasons for undertaking water treatment works and many associated benefits such as improved water quality, improved efficiency of systems and increasing the life of systems. It is almost always a false economy to ignore water treatment and the benefits of investing in it far outweigh the costs of ignoring it.

Our Service Offerings

Professional Services provided by Concept Environmental Solutions Limited


Pre-commission Cleaning

The building services sector is heavily reliant on high quality companies such as ourselves who have the capability to ensure that new heating and chilled water systems are professionally cleaned in accordance with the latest BSRIA guidance. Systems that have been successfully cleaned and commissioned will far outlive systems that have been neglected or incorrectly cleaned and will also be far less susceptible to bacteriological contamination such as Pseudomonas and Sulphate reducing bacteria.

The ultimate benefit to these processes is increased efficiency and cost saving due to the fact that the systems can operate to their intended design.


Remedial Chemical Cleaning

Poorly maintained systems will often become contaminated with sludge, scale and corrosion products. Not only do these deposits affect the day to day efficiency of the systems but they also act as nutrients for bacteria (pseudomonas and sulphate reducing bacteria).

These bacteria can subsequently cause severe fouling and catastrophic corrosion. Concept Environmental can provide a variety of remedial measures to counter these problems, such as chemical cleaning using specific iron sequesterants and biocide washing using the latest closed circuit biocides. We can also offer less, ‘intrusive’ means of cleaning through various forms of filtration.


Chemical Descaling

It is estimated that 1.5mm of scale in a hot water cylinder will reduce efficiency by up to 15%. Removal of scale (and more importantly prevention of scale through ion exchange water softening) will reduce utility bills, increase performance and have a positive environmental impact. Concept Environmental provide specialist acid descaling services for boilers, heat exchangers, cooling towers and hot water calorifiers.


Services Disinfection

All new systems have to be disinfected in accordance with British Standards published documents to ensure any contaminants ‘created’ from the installation process are removed to help ensure that water that is subsequently supplied to building occupants is fit for human consumption.


Chlorine Dioxide/Silver Peroxide

Chlorine dioxide is extensively used at potable levels to control the growth of legionella and other potentially harmful bacteria in water systems.

Where it is not possible to dose disinfectants at high levels due to constant building occupancy(ie hotels and hospitals), chlorine dioxide is considered the most effective means of control and has various benefits that other products such as sodium hypochlorite(chlorine) just cannot offer.


Tank/Tower Cleaning and Disinfection

The HSE ACoP L8 and HSG274 (part 2 – the control of legionella in hot and cold water systems) state that storage tanks must as a minimum be inspected on an annual basis and if deposits are present then they must be cleaned and disinfected. Mains water supplies into buildings, although potable do invariably contain deposits such as silt and these contaminants subsequently enter the storage tanks they are feeding.

Annual tank cleaning and disinfection is therefore considered industry standard practice. Under the same regulations cooling towers need to be cleaned and disinfected on a 6 monthly basis. Cooling towers are considered high risk items of plant with regard to legionella risk and it is therefore imperative that towers are cleaned and disinfected in a very particular manner and by experienced and competent staff.


Specialist Chemical Supply

We are very fortunate to have competitive access to all the latest chemical products within the industry and we can offer a suitable solution for almost any requirement. We are acutely aware of our environmental responsibility and this is reflected in the technologies we use and the chemicals we therefore promote.


Cooling Tower and Steam Boiler Control

A good maintenance and control regime is critical to the effective operation of these items of plant. Failure to maintain the water quality in cooling towers and steam boilers can lead to catastrophic results either mechanically, financially or from a health and safety perspective. Investing in a water treatment control programme will protect you from all of these risks and ensure that your plant operates efficiently and in a safe manner.


Closed Loop Pre-treatment Cleaning

BSRIA now recognises Closed loop pre-treatment cleaning(CPC) as an approved method of cleaning closed systems. There are various benefits to this type of cleaning with the main one being the vastly reduced amount of water required for the cleaning process which from an environmental perspective is very positive. CPC is a process whereby the installation is filled with pre treated water and then circulated through deep bed filter media housings to remove the system contaminants.

CPC is therefore undertaken without the need for chemical cleaning. Concept are an approved supplier of Hydrosphere products which offer first class CPC solutions to the industry.

What's the next stage?

Following the water treatment process it is critical that systems are commissioned so that they work efficiently and to their intended design.

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Water Hygiene & Legionella Control​

Prevent an outbreak of Legionella with analytical water services and control programmes. Prevention is better than cure! Every building no matter how big, how small, how simple, how complex, will require some sort of control programme to satisfy HSG274.

Mechanical Services Commissioning

Commissioning new and old air & water systems including environmental testing and dilapidation reports.

Water Treatment Plant & Mechanical Services

There are numerous reasons for needing to improve water quality be it for healthcare, aesthetics or improved performance of systems. Concept specialise in reverse osmosis, water softening, UV filtration and chemical dosing plants to help you achieve your goals as far as water quality is concerned.

Air Hygiene

The quality of the air we breathe is not always given the attention it deserves.  We maintain internal building ventilation, extract & access systems and monitor indoor air quality

Legionella Awareness Training

Our online courses provide RoSPA accredited basic legionella training providing an excellent foundation for controlling legionnaires disease.

Fire Safety

Fire safety should always be at the forefront of anyone responsible for health and safety in the working environment.

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