About Us

A Concept:

According to the dictionary a concept is an ‘abstraction or generalization from experience or the result of a transformation of existing concepts’. Our ‘Concept’ was created in January 2013 and trading started in February of that year. Since that time the business has gone from strength to strength and we have for a long time been one of the ‘key players’ in the industry. Our continuing success has come from having a skilled and motivated workforce, managing our business carefully and from providing exceptional customer service.

90+ years of experience

Between the founding 4 Directors

The directors drew on all their experience to form a new business that would incorporate all the ‘positives’ that we witnessed and had been part of in our careers to date. Between us we have over 90 years of wide ranging experiences to draw on and all of that knowledge is being used within the business. 90 years of experience would also suggest that we may no longer be ‘spring chickens’!

A Key Player in the industry

Respected within the Water Treatment Industry

There is a strong argument to say that Concept is now the foremost privately owned Water and Air Hygiene business in the UK.

Percentage calculated from our most recent customer satisfaction survey

Providing consistant, exceptional customer service accross the board.
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4x UK Locations and 60+ Staff

Bristol, Birmingham, Cheshire and London


our own standards

The Client always comes first and our goal is to:

our staff are given...

Respect within the company

As well as opportunities to develop their careers in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Our Mission

To be better than the rest.

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