• Water Softening

    Hard water is all too common in the UK and is responsible for millions of pounds worth of failed plant and equipment every year. For a comparatively small outlay you can protect your hot water/process system from this risk, improve efficiency and overall quality of water. Bacteria such as Legionella harbour under scale deposits and are often therefore protected from the two primary means of control – temperature and disinfection.

  • Reverse Osmosis

    By pushing water through semi permeable membranes at very high pressures we produce R.O. water that is free of impurities and contaminates. R.O. water is often used to improve the quality of drinking water, desalinate sea water, as feed water for various types of dish/tray washers(R.O. water leaves no ‘smear’) and in hospital applications such as feed water to autoclaves used to sterilise surgical equipment.

  • Chlorine Dioxide

    Chlorine dioxide is extensively used at potable levels to control the growth of legionella and other potentially harmful bacteria in water systems. Where it is not possible to dose disinfectants at high levels due to constant building occupancy(ie hotels and hospitals), chlorine dioxide is considered the most effective means of control and has various benefits that other products such as sodium hypochlorite(chlorine) just cannot offer. Concept supply, install and maintain the latest in chlorine dioxide plant for various types of installations.

  • Filtration

    There are numerous reasons for filtering water and numerous types of water that may require some form of filtration. From closed circuit(heating and chilled water) systems to cooling towers we are able to provide various types of side stream or in line filtration to suit the situation and to improve water quality. We are acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities which is one reason why we promote closed recovery(ie no water loss) filtration systems.

  • Dosing equipment

    Proportional and timed dosing systems have a wide range of use in the water treatment industry. From scale and corrosion control through to biocide dosing we are able to offer various forms of dosing equipment ranging from a simple pump and tank ‘rig’ through to electro chlorinators for applications such as swimming pools and care home dosing.

  • UV treatment

    99.9% of bacteria are killed when passing through a UV unit. For that reason and the fact that they are very low maintenance this is an ever popular technology for bacteriological control.


  • Legionella remedial works

    Legionella Risk assessments are carried out to identify risks and to recommend means of managing, reducing or eliminating the risk. In a lot of cases an element of risk is related to non conformities in the installation. Commonly storage tanks do not comply with regulations, dead legs are identified and hot water cylinders are suffering from stratification. Concept Environmental have a team of trained engineers who carry out these remedial works as part of the risk reduction process.

  • Water regulations remedial works

    It is a criminal offence to contravene the UK Water Regulations. Back contamination of mains water and undue usage of water are two of the main contraventions. We have a range of solutions to protect your water supply, the supply of others and to reduce your water usage and therefore fulfill your environmental obligations and reduce your utility costs.

  • Tank refurbishment / replacement

    A storage tank that doesn’t conform with Legionella control requirements or the Water Regulations may well lead to a deterioration in water quality and therefore a potential health risk. Where practical we will always offer a solution to refurbish the existing tank however sometimes this can be a false economy and in this instance we will recommend that a new and compliant tank is installed within your premises.

  • Cooling Tower refurbishment

    Cooling towers are often made to work extremely hard, are constantly in contact with water and are also often susceptible to the elements. They therefore require periodic maintenance and refurbishment to prevent them from failing and from becoming a health risk. Refurbishment could involve anything from a new access door to installing high efficiency drift eliminators. No business can afford(be it cost or loss of reputation) an outbreak of Legionnaires disease and a well maintained cooling tower is the best way of avoiding this from happening.

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