• Legionella Risk Assessments

    It is a statutory requirement under the HSE ACoP L8 that every premises (domestic property excluded) should have a legionella risk assessment carried out. This assessment should identify any such risks and recommend means of reducing,managing or eliminating the risk completely. In addition to this the document will assess current management roles and responsibilities and advise accordingly. The risk assessment should then be reviewed on a regular basis(usually 2 years) or when there has been a significant change to the system/s. Legionella risk assessments are potentially critical documents and should therefore only be undertaken by suitably trained and experienced staff.


    Following the risk assessment a control scheme will be implemented to manage any ongoing legionella susceptible items of plant and associated services. Concept specialise in tailoring packages for all types of businesses. We are duty bound to recommend control measures that ensure compliance however appreciate that budgets often play a part in customer decisions. We pride ourselves on being able to offer different solutions for different needs.

  • Analytical water services (chemical and bacteriological)

    Allied with our service partners we are able to offer a broad range of analytical services . Water analysis in particular is extremely broad ranging and recommending the right analysis for any given situation/system is key to managing the quality of water, be it potable or process.

    Certain analysis must be done under UKAS conditions and therefore by UKAS accredited laboratories however there is a wealth of analysis that can be done ‘in the field’. Concept can either carry out these activities at your place of work or take samples away from site and analyse at our own premises.

  • Log Book supply (both electronic and paper)

    Should a 3rd party such as the HSE ever choose to audit your premises they will want to review the water hygiene/water treatment log book. A well maintained and well organised log book will allow easy and transparent auditing and show that your business is organised and takes health and safety seriously. This will undoubtedly be reflected in any subsequent report based on that audit. As an environmentally friendly company we promote the use of electronic means of record keeping wherever possible which is one of the reasons why we are able to offer electronic log books.

    The key benefit of these ‘tools’ is that water hygiene/water treatment control programmes can be remotely audited. For a Manager who is responsible for the maintenance of multiple properties this is particularly beneficial as they have no reason to visit each property to carry out the log book audit and therefore save considerable time and money.

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