• Commissioning

    Commissioning of newly installed air and water systems in accordance with CIBSE/BSRIA requirements – The commissioning process is a critical part of the installation and ‘setting to work’ process and cannot be overlooked. Works inevitably takes place as part of a condensed programme and as one of the final tasks prior to handover. It is therefore imperative that a proactive company is used to rise to the challenges that invariably occur at this stage of the project. A correctly commissioned system will ensure that building occupants are in a comfortable environment and that the system is operating in its most efficient state.

  • Re-commissioning

    Re-commissioning existing air and water systems – Even if a new system has been commissioned correctly at install stage, over a period of time performance will invariably drop due to system changes, contaminants within the systems or adjustments to pre-set valves/dampers. Building occupants will start complaining about the built environment and productivity and efficiency may be reduced as a consequence. Concept are experienced and welcome the opportunity to undertake re-commissioning of existing systems even though these works are invariably undertaken ‘out of hours’ so as not to disrupt the building occupants.

  • Environmental testing

    Air systems in particular can often become excessively ‘noisy’. Our engineers have the skills and the equipment to make adjustments to systems so that there is both a degree of efficiency and sound levels that are acceptable to building occupants. We also provide a temperature profiling service so that our clients can assess their energy use and ensure that temperatures on hot and cold water systems comply with health and safety requirements.

  • O&M manuals

    Through a trusted partner we are able to supply operating and maintenance manuals for both electrical and mechanical activities

  • Dilapidation reports

    We are often asked to validate existing systems prior to our clients undertaking adding to or altering these systems. These validations allow our clients to use this as a reference point on completion of their works and to demonstrate that the changes that have been made have not had a detrimental effect on existing services. We are also able to undertake condition surveys of air and water systems. This might involve temperature profiles, flow rates on heating and chilled water systems, water quality reports, data logging and ventilation condition surveys.

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